Making the Most of Random Study Time by Susan Crowley

Studying doesn’t always take place in the library or at your desk. Sometimes we are given odd times to get in a little additional study time.  It’s usually random and you’re not going to have all your books with you.  How do you capitalize on this added time?  Let’s look at where you might find additional time.

  • Are you in the doctor’s office, waiting for an appointment? This is a great place to review notes in a notebook, on a tablet, or take out the flash cards of the terms you’re studying.
  • Are you in your car, waiting on a friend?  Talk to yourself.  Some people are auditory learners. Go over aloud all the things you remember from your last class.  This is how actors learn scripts.  If you have a notepad with you or notebook, make a list of questions for the professor of things you didn’t quite get.
  • Art majors should not dismiss bath soaps and bath markers made for the age 3+.  Get that design out of your head and on a wall, albeit temporarily as it washes away.  Then dry off and go paint on a more enduring media.  (Please, only use the truly washable colors and make sure it will wash off before embarking on bath soap murals.)
  • Doing a little cleaning?  Getting rid of clutter?  Do you have a pile of old magazines?  Before you throw them away, scour them for photos that could relate to one of more of your subjects.  Make a study collage. 
  • Are you watching television?  Use a notepad and doodle your latest subject!  Explain your subject in cartoons.  Have a cartoon character do your calculus. 
  •  Better still.  Do some calculus problems and leave one unfinished.  Take a nap.  Look at the problem again when you are awake and refreshed.  Did you dream in calculus?  Some people do. 

These little pieces of time enrich your studies by taking it out of the programmed time into real time. Taking advantage of a moment to study makes it an adventure.  So make the most of those random moments!


Study Tip: Can Certain Fragrances or Smells Help You Learn and Remember? By Susan Crowley

Realtors when selling a home will spray a scent called “Apple Pie” around to make the abode smell homey and warm.  Some retailers will have vanilla infusers in their stores to make their customers linger.  Can scent not only attract you but help you learn and remember?

It started when you were small.  Every scent you encountered was connected with some pleasant or unpleasant experience.  Most scents you come across will immediately trigger a memory. Depending on that memory, you may be either compelled to leave or stay and learn.  Some people find certain scents energizing.

What are some fragrances that can help you remember?







There are others depending on the individual.  These get my attention right away.  I also like Vanilla, but it puts me to sleep.  Different scents have different effects on people.  According to research reported in Science magazine in 2007, German scientists found that the scent of Roses helped people score higher on exams.  The scent was administered not only when they were studying but while they slept.

Continued research on whether certain scents can help you study and retain information is needed. Until then study in a well-lit comfortable location that has no distractions.

Here is the Virutal Tour of Eastern Connecticut State Univeristy!


The fall is so close!
(Source: We Heart It)


The fall is so close!

(Source: We Heart It)


Lovely study space! :)


Lovely study space! :)

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Study Tip: Study with a Focus by Susan Crowley

Many people multitask all the time.  However that talent used for studying can diminish retention.  In studying it is not enough to learn a subject matter, but the information has to become known.  When you know it, you will be able to retain and use that information for a long time. How do you do this?

                     Steps to Studying with a Focus

1. Collect your equipment that corresponds with your studying style

  • Books, ereaders or tablet, notebooks, hand recorder,
    pens, pencils, highlighters, headphone, syllabus, etc.
  • Different colored sticky notes

2. Find a quiet spot with no distractions

3.  Take out the books and notes from one subject you will focus on for   one hour.

         a.  Read over everything. 

         b. .In your second read over, with paper and pen or on a tablet,      make a summary of each page you read.

         c. On each page’s summary add a glossary of terms with their definitions and give an example of using that term.

         d. If you come across something you just don’t get, write it on the    top of your page and circle it.

         e. When you get to class next, ask the professor and he or she will give you an answer.  Put it beneath the Circle(s).

         f. Put all circles and answers together on index cards/flash cards.

         g. Create a quiz based on your summaries, questions, and the flash cards.

                               Your Hour is now done!

Please, put the materials from this course away.  Take a break for a half hour.  Then return to do everything above with your next course’s materials. 

  • Consider an hour for each subject every day.  Let’s say you have four courses.  
  • If you have an hour space after your first course, that is the time to do all the above, directly after that course.
  • You can also use that hour to talk to the professor after class and get as many of your questions answered as possible.  That hour still counts. 
  • If you don’t get a-g done, then next time pick up where you left off.
  • Choose to one subject before you go to bed, with the TV off.  Why?  You tend to remember the last thing you read. 
Right now the campus is green with blossoming autumn flowers everywhere.  But as time passes, our trees will start changing like this.
Fall Registration is still open at Eastern Connecticut State University.  Would you like an advisor’s help?  Call 860-465-0206 for an advisement appointment.  Phone advisement appointments are also available.

Right now the campus is green with blossoming autumn flowers everywhere.  But as time passes, our trees will start changing like this.

Fall Registration is still open at Eastern Connecticut State University.  Would you like an advisor’s help?  Call 860-465-0206 for an advisement appointment.  Phone advisement appointments are also available.

Going back to college part-time? Call Dr. Beckford at Eastern’s Groton, CT site.

Do you know what today is (Tuesday, Sept. 2nd)? It’s Eastern’s Open House at 6 pm at our Groton site! YAY!

Do you want to go to college? Do you have credits from your past college experience but did not complete a degree? Want to find out about Go Back to Get Ahead.? Find out what you need to know from an advisor from Eastern Connecticut State University at our convenient off campus site in Groton.

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Welcome to Eastern!

Welcome to the fall semester at Eastern Connecticut State University.  If you’re taking classes on campus, you’ll be surprised to see how far along the construction of the new Fine Arts Center is. I hope that you will find the time to enjoy the campus this year.  There are lots of lovely spots where you can study or just relax and have a cup of coffee.

Those of us in the School of Continuing Education are here to support you as you continue your education at Eastern.  We are excited to welcome back a number of you who are taking advantage of Connecticut’s Go Back to Get Ahead opportunity this fall.  If you need any assistance finding classes or perhaps changing your schedule—we’re here to help you.  If you would like to talk with one of our advisors, just call at (860) 465-0206 and we will put you in touch with someone who can assist you. 

I am attaching the link to our Online Orientation for New Part-Time Students.  I hope you find it helpful.


Best wishes for a great start to the school year!


Carol J. Williams, Ph.D., Associate Dean

School of Continuing Education

(860) 465-5250